Websites and more for growing businesses

Gatherum offers you a professional online presence, managed and refreshed in line with your requirements. We handle the development, hosting and monitoring, with a full email service for organisations that need to reach out to customers in a focused way. Secure, Flexible and Cost-effective.


Our initial offer to clients covers the  build of a Website including

  • Front Page (holding page) design,
  • Mobile friendly Site build.
  • Basic Search engine readiness.
  • Acquisition and ownership transfer of up to 2 (two) domain names,
  • Hosting setup and provisioning, creation and hosting of 10 email addresses as requested.

We will provide a pre-meeting questionnaire and a ½ day meeting which will define the exact requirement, and identify any initial additional requirements for your company site. (such as e-commerce/shop facilities). We will produce a costed proposal covering all the elements you need to go live, and additionally ongoing monitoring and changes at a fixed price.



Why do we need a questionnaire?

Accurate answers to the following questions will ensure that you get what you need in shortest possible time.

What are the goals of the site and who are you trying to reach?

If a website is needed, how many pages and what features are required?

Will an email marketing template also be needed, or company branded banners for social media pages?

We need to decide on the full scope of the project before starting. How will this design project need to comply with the company’s style guide?

What has the client done in the past, and will this project reflect past designs or take a new path?


This approach offers you the online presence your business needs while leaving you to get on with what you do best – running it!


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